St James’ Curriculum Excellence Week has continued with more amazing activities!

On Monday, Year 7 took part in lots of different activities in English, learning about civil rights, protests, and designing t-shirts. They also undertook some ICT activities such as programming and using software to make a comic strip about a murder mystery. It included a mix of both English and History which shows how well these two subjects have been working together within our school curriculum. Students moved around in groups so they were all able to have a go at each of the activities.

Year 8 went on a trip to Rope Race in Marple, which involved climbing, archery and some tricky problem-solving activities. They were able to try new things that they may not have done before and also worked as a team to help one another.

Year 9 participated in a PE day. The girls played netball, dodgeball and rounders and the boys had an equally challenging day of football, tug of war and dodgeball. All Year 9 students also experienced the amazing experience of Operating Theatre Live where they learnt about how the body works, the importance of anaesthetics, and an amazing hands-on experience of how the brain, eyes and lungs work. It was really good for the pupils to get an insight into what surgeons and doctors do and it also made some pupils think about going into medicine in the future as a career.

Throughout the week, Year 10 have been on work experience, being able to work where they want for the whole of Curriculum Excellence Week. They have experienced what the world of work is like and this might also even help them decide on a future career.