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We encourage students to develop their leadership skills throughout their time at St James’. As a school we know each student and their unique talents and can match them with the right opportunities to enable them to fulfil their potential as part of the St James’ family.


St James’ Catholic High School appoints Prefects every year. The most recent Senior Prefects appointments are Qiyi (St Winifred’s Primary School) as Head Boy and Georgia (Cheadle Catholic Juniors) as Head Girl. The deputies are Rodrigo (Cheadle Catholic Juniors) and Crystal (Etchells Primary School). The Head Boy and Girl of the school are responsible for managing the whole of the Prefect Body, ensuring that all duties are carried out correctly and that the Prefects are the ultimate role models for all other pupils in the school. Duties of the Head Boy and Girl consist of representing the school as St James’ ambassadors, making speeches at school events and being an integral part of the induction process for the new Year 7s in September. The Senior Prefects are split into three key groups based on our school values of Family, Faith and Excellence. Our Family Prefects focus on raising the profile of mental health and well-being, mentoring younger students and being form ambassadors. Our Faith Prefects lead on whole school charity events, collective worship and whole school Masses. Our Excellence Prefects tutor our KS3 pupils, acting as reading buddies for younger students and representing each faculty as an ambassador. All Prefects are key to all major school events, such as organising Open Evenings and Parents’ Evenings, taking parents and pupils on tours of the school and generally welcoming visitors to St James’. As ambassadors for the school, the Senior Prefects ensure that the views of all pupils are represented and listened to by coordinating student voice for a wide range of school issues such as teaching and learning and extracurricular activities. 

Matthew  R (Head Boy):
At St James’, we have a strong and diverse community which promotes Family, Faith and Excellence. We also offer a strong support system that encourages uniqueness and individuality.

Kay N (Head Girl):
We, at St James’, thrive on our core values of Family, Faith and Excellence. These values make St James’ truly unique in the way they motivate students to both achieve and exceed their potential. Whether it is your first day in Year 7 or your final day in Year 11, you are always welcomed with a warm smile. Our diversity and inclusivity makes St James’ a school for everyone. With your peers and teachers by your side and God in your heart, everything is possible.

Hana J (Deputy Head Girl):
At St James’, Family, Faith and Excellence are at the heart of everything we do. The teachers encourage us to tackle issues and challenges with a positive can-do attitude and encourage us to achieve big and take pride in our work. Choosing St James’ will ensure you get the best opportunities and a loving and safe school family.

Josh A (Deputy Head Boy):
At St James’, every opportunity is a doorway to greatness, with many chances to  demonstrate the core values of Family, Faith and Excellence. Our warm welcoming  community will always help you exceed in what you choose to do.



Josh Armstrong

Quinn Thomas

Aidan Barrett

Jude Chatto

Gracie Lee Gibson

Freya Watts 

Jess Bagchi

Holly Burgess

Brooke Noden 

Revel Allerton 

Neve Holden 

Will Hodson 

Patrick York 

Lilia Gavillet

Eliza Kennedy 

John Que

Jess Cahill 

Alex Le 

Giovanni Coluccio 

Reon Kalladanthyi

Katie Holland 




Kay Nana

Alfie Travis

Chester Tam

Louisa Chan

Roy Ihezuoh

Kian West 

Amy Monteith 

Nina  Azarias

Alex O’neill 

Phoebe Hopkins 

Imogen Sullivan 

Alisha Murphy

Lily Welham 

Dylan Donnelly 

Aaron Bino 

Joe Ward 

Emily Snailham 

Marta Rogala 

Efe Itua 

Olivia Doodson 

Kenzy Aymen


Matthew Roberts

Hana Joyce

Jelani Smenkh-Ka-Ra

Barbara Rullo

Martin Matthews 

Emily Burns 

Imogen Locke 

Sophie Tsang

Hanin Mansour 

Megan Wilde 

Imogen Muldoon 

Katie Holland 

Aimee Wood 

Lucie Passot 

Ben Pennington 

Thomas Major

Nicole Brodigan 

Jess Nugnes 

Noah Leach 

Kynon Redford 

Rocco Li

Ella Slack

“The school council and prefects are actively involved in school life. Their input leads to changes to the school for the benefit of all pupils.”

Ofsted 2022

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26