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E-Safety is a priority at St James’. All pupils are educated about staying safe when using technology and the Internet through ICT and PSHCE lessons, assemblies and Form time.

Our aim is to teach pupils how to be responsible users and understand how to protect themselves when using social networking sites.

We believe it is equally important that students are encouraged to use the Internet safely and responsibly outside of school. It is vital that parents and carers regularly monitor their child’s use of the Internet (including PCs, laptops, tablets and phones) and talk to them about staying safe online. We would ask that you are vigilant in checking who your child is ‘friends’ with on any social networking sites and to check that privacy settings have been activated.

Below is a list of websites that you may find useful. You can also download a guide to Instagram and Snapchat.


Instagram is now one of the most popular social networking sites used by adults and young people. Below is a link to their terms and conditions which are worded in a way that they are very accessible to users of all ages. The terms include:

  • Our Rules if you want to use Instagram
  • Your rights and our rights
  • Closing an account

If your child has an Instagram account, please take some time to look at these terms and conditions together and remind then about the importance of privacy setting and being mindful about what they post.

Please click here to view the Instagram Terms


For parents of pupils who are playing the online game Fortnite, here is a link to a website which gives important information about privacy settings and potential safety concerns:

Please click here to view Fortnite Gaming Advice for Parents

Parent Guides

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