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Care of children is central to the work we do at St James’ because each one is a unique person of God and worthy of respect.

Pastoral care at St James’ is of the utmost importance to us to ensure the welfare of every child. The Senior Leadership Team, Pastoral Managers, Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, SENCO, Heads of Year, Form Tutors and the Attendance and Family Liaison Manager are all involved in the planning and delivery.

Every child joining St James’ becomes part of a tutor group. The Form Tutor will have an overview of the child’s academic progress, spiritual and social welfare. The Form Tutor will be your first point of contact and will be able to deal with the majority of your questions and concerns.

The Year team is led by a Head of Year and supported by our Pastoral Managers. The team ensures a high level of contact with parents and carers and is there to support you and your child in any serious or urgent pastoral issues that may arise. It is essential that our pastoral staff are informed about any changes to health or changes in circumstances at home. In all matters of support and discipline, parents are involved at an early stage and are welcome to contact school whenever there is a concern.

Our Pastoral Managers have non-teaching roles and are based in our Pastoral office, Emmaus. Pastoral support provides the link in the educational chain between home and school as they work closely with children throughout the school offering advice and support both in curricular and extracurricular time. In addition to this we also have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator who meets with specific children who need additional support for their mental health and wellbeing.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) supervises our provision throughout the school with the support from external agencies including the Learning Support Service (LSS) from the Local Authority and other external support agencies. St James’ is designed to accommodate children with physical impairments and accordingly the school has no stairs and all areas of the school are accessible by wheelchair users.

Our SENCO is responsible for any children who may have medical needs. They work seamlessly with our admin member of staff for SEND and Pastoral to ensure that any children who have any medical needs are catered for in school time and also on school trips. The children also benefit from a part time school based nurse who meets with children who have been referred by our SENCO and/or Pastoral team.

The Pastoral Managers also work within our Damascus room where they work with our children and demonstrate one of our most important Catholic values of forgiveness. Within our inclusion room children are afforded the opportunity to reflect on decisions where they have made the wrong choices and have restorative conversations with other staff or children.

At St James’ we value the home school partnership and look forward to working closely together to ensure that your child succeeds.

Who to contact:

The Emmaus Team:

Pastoral Managers, who can support with any pastoral concerns you may have

Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, who will support with any mental health or wellbeing concerns

Attendance and Family Liaison Manager, who will support with any absences or requests for leave

SENCO, who can support with any Special Educational Needs or medical needs that your child may have

Deputy SENCO, who can support with any Special Educational Needs or medical needs that your child may have 

Heads of Year, who can support with any general concerns you may have about your child

Deputy Headteacher for Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead, who can support with any safeguarding or pastoral concerns

Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour and Attitudes, who can support with any behavioural concerns

“With God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26