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To be a successful student at St James’, your child must attend school daily and arrive at registration and all lessons on time.

If a student arrives after 8.45 am, he/she must sign in at reception and will be given a late mark in the register. Any student that arrives after registration, without a letter of explanation from a parent/carer, will be given an unauthorised absence mark which will affect their percentage attendance.

Students must strive to attain 100% attendance and, whilst we appreciate it is difficult, we request that, whenever possible, medical appointments are made for out of school time. Appointments made during term time will impact on your child’s attendance and therefore their progress.

All absences should be reported to school ideally before 9.00am but no later than 10.00am. The attendance officer may request medical evidence for continued absence.

In the event of an absence you will receive a text message or telephone call informing you that your child has not arrived at school. Whilst every effort is made to ensure there are no errors, should you receive an unexpected text please contact Mrs Taylor, Attendance Officer for further clarification (telephone number and email address is at the bottom of the page).

Excellent attendance at St James’ is taken very seriously and pupils are rewarded for their good attendance at various points throughout the year.

Absence Procedure

If your child is to be absent for any reason, please contact the school, before 9am where possible, and no later than 10.00am using the following number:

0161 482 6900 (Option 1)

Attendance officer – Mrs C Taylor –

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