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In MFL lessons over the coming weeks, pupils will be enhancing their cultural capital by watching, and writing reviews about, foreign language films. The pupils will be watching Das Wunder von Bern (German), Les Choristes (French) or Coco (Spanish).

Pupils in other year groups might also like to watch a foreign language film over the February half term break and share what they have watched with their MFL teacher. Some ideas of things they could watch include:
Die Welle (rated 15)
Good bye Lenin (rated 15)
Das Leben der Anderen (rated 15)
Amelie (rated 15)
Au revoir, les enfants (rated 12)
El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) (rated 15)

Do you have any foreign film titles that you recommend? Please share them with us.

Remember you can also watch English language films dubbed in a foreign language to improve your listening skills.