We encourage students to develop their leadership skills throughout their time at St James’. As a school we know each student and their unique talents and can match them with the right opportunities to enable them to fulfil their potential as part of the St James’ family.


St James’ Catholic High School appoints Prefects every year at the end of Year 10. The most recent Senior Prefects appointments are Dylan (Our Lady’s) as Head Boy and Lottie (Cheadle Catholic Juniors) as Head Girl. The deputies are Ruben (St Benedict’s) and Kamilla (Cheadle Catholic Juniors). The Head Boy and Girl of the school are responsible for managing the whole of the Prefect Body, ensuring that all duties are carried out correctly and that the Prefects are the ultimate role models for all other pupils in the school. Duties of the Head Boy and Girl consist of representing the school as St James’ ambassadors, making speeches at school events and being an integral part of the induction process for the new Year 7s in September.

The Prefects will be split into three key teams based on our school values of Family, Faith and Excellence. Our Family Prefects will be focusing on raising the profile of mental health and well-being, mentoring younger students and being form ambassadors. Our Faith Prefects will be leading on whole school charity events, leading collective worship and whole school Masses. Our Excellence Prefects will be tutoring our KS3 pupils, acting as reading buddies for younger students and will represent each faculty as an ambassador.

All Prefects are key to all major events that the school is involved in, such as organising Open Evenings and Parents’ Evenings, taking parents and pupils on tours of the school and generally welcoming visitors to St James’. As ambassadors for the school, the Senior Prefects ensure that the views of all pupils are represented and listened to by coordinating student voice for a wide range of school issues such as teaching and learning and extracurricular activities. ‘’Throughout my time at St James’ I have behaved myself and I have worked to the best of my ability. This has helped me gain the trust of teachers and fellow students along the way, playing a part in my decision to take on the role as Head Boy’’ said Dylan. ‘’The responsibility and care shown by the teachers towards to the students inspired me to become Deputy Head Boy’’ said Ruben. ‘’I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St James’ and being Head Girl enables me to positively impact other students and their time here’’ said Lottie.

Family Prefects

Faith Prefects Excellence Prefects


Ruben Lottie
Kamilla Ava


Amy Cheryl



Clodagh Eve




James Emma



Ester Jaydn
Maria Evan


Max Gabriel



George Liam




Ruby Matthew



Arianne Nathan
Tom Grace


Verity Jessica








“The school council and prefects are actively involved in school life. Their input leads to changes to the school for the benefit of all pupils.”

Ofsted 2022

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26