We encourage students to develop their leadership skills throughout their time at St James’. As a school we know each student and their unique talents and can match them with the right opportunities to enable them to fulfil their potential as part of the St James’ family.

Form Leadership Teams

We have a pupil leadership team within each form who lead on a variety of form activities throughout the school year eg collective worship, fundraising, assembly preparation and delivery.

Sports Ambassadors

Pupils are selected to be a sports ambassador by the PE Faculty.  Their role mainly involves helping to plan, support and deliver primary school sporting events. For example, tri-golf and primary netball competitions both in school and at external locations. They also have the opportunity to lead clubs for younger pupils.  The leadership qualities they need to demonstrate are the ability to role model good practice, to lead by example and to show enthusiasm within PE lessons and extra-curricular sporting activities.

Student Council

The Student Council plays an important leadership role in facilitating a platform for pupil voice to be heard. Every year students are selected to become members of the school council. Students become representatives for their year and are voted for in a completely democratic method, which even includes anonymous hustings to allow candidates’ terms to be scrutinised and to avoid the election becoming merely a popularity contest. Once elected, members of the council meet every week to discuss ideas and issues that have been raised by the school community. The council also receives plenty of opportunities to discuss wider, local issues due to its links with Stockport Youth Parliament and other agencies within the area. From organising whole school events, such as St James’ week, to leading whole school initiatives, such as anti-bullying campaigns, the school council is always active in promoting pupil voice and raising awareness of topics ranging from the environment to mental health to transport, and so much more.


Pupils apply at the end of year 10 to become part of the year 11 prefect team.

Our team consists of Head Boy & Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy & Deputy Head Girl. All four were appointed after an intense selection process in May 2019 for a September 2019 start. They are:

Megan (Head Girl) & Jacob (Head Boy)

Holly (Deputy Head Girl) & Tom (Deputy Head Boy)


New for 2019/20 will be a carousel approach to the way the different Prefect Leadership Teams operate. This will include a Spirituality Leadership, Guidance Leadership, Community & Enrichment, Anti Bullying and Empathy Leadership. All prefects will have the opportunity to lead on all different aspects throughout the year.

“They are one people, and they all have one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do”

Genesis 11:6

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26