Who to Contact: 2019-2020

All staff have a unique email address which is their initial of their first name followed by their surname separated by a dot @stjamescheadle.co.uk, E.g. Juliet Doherty will be j.doherty@stjamescheadle.co.uk.

A full staff list can be found below however for quick reference the most frequently used email addresses are:


General Enquiries office@stjamescheadle.co.uk
KS3 Pastoral Enquiries c.chadwick@stjamescheadle.co.uk
KS4 Pastoral Enquiries y.harrop@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Safeguarding Concerns d.scott@stjamescheadle.co,uk
Attendance (requests for leave of absence) c.hanley@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Change of personal details office@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Special Educational Needs, Mrs Garnett j.garnett@stjamescheadle.co,uk
Boys & Girls Sport, Mr Walker i.walker@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 7, Miss Cheshire g.cheshire@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 8, Mrs Linford c.linford@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 9, Mr Maidment r.maidment@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 10, Ms Woods o.woods@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 10, Dr Nye h.nye@stjamescheadle.co.uk
Head of Year 11, Mr Cawley j.cawley@stjamescheadle.co.uk
All enquiries for the Headteacher please contact Miss Roddick (Headteacher’s PA) who will direct your email to the most appropriate person headteacherpa@stjamescheadle.co.uk

Full Staff List

Forename Surname Role Faculty
Kirsty Bowers Administrator Admin
Juliet Doherty School Business Manager Admin
Edward Fasciato Administrator Admin
Joanne Gregory Finance Officer Admin
Jane Griffiths Reprographics Admin
Susan Kilburn Receptionist Admin
Katharine Millar Data & Examination Officer Admin
Kaya Roddick Headteacher’s PA Admin
Michaela Booth Kitchen Manager Catering
Janet Adshead Canteen Staff Catering
Julie Edwards Canteen Staff Catering
Julie Gough Canteen Staff Catering
Sharon Marsh Staffroom Break Time Assistant Catering
Debbie Nicol Canteen Staff Catering
Zoe Smith Canteen Staff Catering
Angela Hall Cover Supervisor Cover
Theresa Li Cover Supervisor Cover
Victoria Bickerton Deputy Director of Faculty Creative Technology
Michaela Ellison Teacher Creative Technology
Clare Linford Teacher & Head of Year 8 Creative Technology
Dominique Rarity Director of Faculty Creative Technology
Camille Williams Teacher Creative Technology
Amy Baldwin Teacher English
Harriet Condron Teacher English
Janine Garnett SENCO English
Kate Gill Deputy Director of Faculty English
Laura Moss Director of Faculty English
David Scott Assistant Headteacher English
Hannah Todd Teacher English
Victoria Trainor Teacher & Disadvantaged Champion English
Elspeth Bray Teacher Expressive Arts
Helen Grainger Deputy Director of Faculty Expressive Arts
Mike Boyd Teacher Expressive Arts
Christine Malins Director of Faculty Expressive Arts
Louise Birch SLT Secondment Humanities
Joseph Cawley Teacher & Head of Year 11 Humanities
Stephen Guscott Assistant Headteacher Humanities
Penny Mullen Teacher Humanities
Anthony Gallagher Teacher Maths
Jenny Healey Director of Faculty Maths
Keanan Hill Teacher Maths
Ian Lett Teacher Maths
Simon Lindo Teacher Maths
Karen Sweeney Teacher Maths
Lucy Wilby Deputy Director of Faculty Maths
Gillian Cheshire Deputy Director of Faculty & Head of Year 7 MFL
Donna Massey Director of Faculty MFL
Clare Pickles Assistant Headteacher MFL
Caroline Chadwick Pastoral Manager Pastoral
Claire Hanley Attendance Officer Pastoral
Yvonne Harrop Pastoral Manager Pastoral
Gaynor Hurley Inclusion Manager Pastoral
Kerry Booth Teacher Physical Education
Victoria Floyd Teacher Physical Education
Becky Hewson Teacher Physical Education
Daniel Turner Teacher Physical Education
Ryan Maidment Deputy Director of Faculty & Head of Year 9 Physical Education
Ian Walker Director of Faculty Physical Education
Emma Bennett Lay Chaplain Religious Education
Emma Doyle Deputy Director of Faculty Religious Education
Ciara Duggan Teacher Religious Education
Marcela Foong Director of Faculty Religious Education
Ellie Rocca Teacher Religious Education
Hannah Wilson Teacher Religious Education
Charmaine Brown Director of Faculty Science
Charlotte Dewhurst Teacher Science
Ian Murphy Deputy Director of Faculty Science
Celia Mylott Teacher Science
Helen Nye Teacher & Head of Year 10 Science
Olivia Woods Teacher & Head of Year 10 Science
Sarah Brown Teaching Assistant SEND
Stacey Charnock Teaching Assistant & Medical Needs Co-ordinator SEND
Julia Evans Teaching Assistant SEND
Cheryl Fisher Teaching Assistant SEND
Jorina Jones SEND Administrator SEND
Ying Li Teaching Assistant SEND
Rubina Naqvi Teaching Assistant SEND
Anna Peters Higher Level Teaching Assistant SEND
Sarah Pimblett Teaching Assistant SEND
Yvonne Rezzano Teaching Assistant SEND
Jacqueline Rickett Teaching Assistant SEND
Wendy Robinson Teaching Assistant SEND
Maureen Walsh SEND Administrator SEND
Caroline Dawes Cleaner Site
Phillip Ellison Site Manager Site
Ann Fox Cleaner Site
Liam Ludden Assistant Site Supervisor Site
Adrian Rae Cleaner Site
Susan Sellars Cleaner Site
Steve Wheeler Assistant Site Supervisor Site
Cara Ellison Technician for Creative Technology Technician
Paul Kirrane Technician for Creative Technology Technician
Thomas Millar ICT Manager Technician
Tony Millar ICT Consultant Technician
Agnes Wooler Technician for Science Technician
Anthony Pontifex Headteacher

“Walk with the wise, and become wise”

Proverbs 13:20

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26