At St James’ we aim to consistently recognise and reward both the individual and collective achievements of our students. At the centre of this are the school’s core values of Family, Faith and Excellence: Values which we feel promote behaviours and actions that will create global Catholic citizens.

As such, we run a range of different rewards systems and incentives with the hope that this will allow us to recognise and reward as many students as possible.

Below are just some of the rewards and incentives we run at St James’:

Half Termly ‘Experiences’

Each half term students have the possibility to qualify for an in-school experience, such as a visiting cinema, bubble football, escape room activities. This will change each half term to offer students new and exciting experiences. The half termly rewards are based purely on the previous half term, which allows us to reward as many students as possible and should a student not qualify for one half termly reward they have the same chance as everyone else to qualify for the next set of rewards.

To qualify for these half termly rewards students must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least 97% attendance across the previous half term. We believe it is important to have high expectations of attendance and punctuality and that only those students with the highest attendance qualify for these rewards.
  2. An average Attitude to Learning (ATL) of 1.9 across the previous half term. Each lesson students are awarded an ATL grade based on the effort, attitude and behaviour. This ranges from 1-4, with one being excellent effort, attitude and behaviour and 4 being unacceptable effort, attitude and behaviour (for more detailed information on this please see the Attitude to Learning document below). Students’ ATL is averaged across the previous half term and students must achieve below 1.9. This means that students must be consistently good and also achieve some ATL 1s to qualify for the rewards.
  3. A minimum number of Value Points achieved in the previous half term. Students can receive Value Points for displaying the school’s values of Family, Faith and Excellence. If a teacher feels a student encapsulates any of these values they will award either a Family Point, Faith Point or Excellence Point. We expect students to receive lots of these points as we know that many of our students display these values consistently.

Value Points rewards

The students in each year group with the most Family, Faith and Excellence Points will be rewarded each half term. We feel it is important to recognise those students who best display these values.

Attendance Lottery

Students who achieve 100% attendance for a two week period are entered into a draw to receive a shopping voucher. One student in each year group is awarded each two weeks.

Progress Assemblies

Three times a year, students in Years 7-11 will also be rewarded for meeting the school’s high expectations of their learning and progress in these areas:

  1. Progress in all subjects
  2. Attendance
  3. Improvement in any area

Pupils are rewarded in special year assemblies, and competition is encouraged between forms to further develop a culture of aspirations, effort and achievement. The reward for these pupils changes according to pupil demand.

Departmental awards (throughout the year)

All departments have an internal rewards system, that rewards pupils throughout the year for progress, individual pieces of work etc. Heads of Faculty are to administer this, with prizes coming from the rewards budget.

Year 7-9 and Year 10 Presentation Evening (June)

At the end of the year, all subjects nominate pupils for the following categories in Years 7-10:

  1. Highest Attaining Pupil – Achievement
  2. Most Improved Pupil – Progress
  3. High Effort – Attitude to Learning

School Presentation Evening.

Each form tutor and Head of Year also nominates someone from each form for their contribution to the form and school life. There is also the active citizenship award for contributions to the school and local community, as well as three special awards (the Gary Cox Award, Martin Charnock Award and Joe Dalton Award).

Our recognition of positive behaviour is not limited simply to our rewards system and incentives. Students are often given roles of responsibility within the school, such as prefects, form representatives, student librarians and sports ambassadors. We also recognise behaviour and attitude to learning at annual events, such as the school’s presentation evening and celebration assemblies.

For more information on rewards please follow the link below to the school’s behaviour policy, which incorporates our rewards policy.

“With God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26