Our Lady’s and the Apostles written By Dylan

My parish is Our Lady’s and the Apostles in Edgeley. I was an altar server for four years. The music is a real strength of the parish, they sometimes change the original music to make it more “catchy”. Our priest is Father David Long, he has been there since 2017. We also have a church school for younger children to learn gospel stories in a fun and exciting way. There are prayer groups that gather after Mass and on weekdays. My brother was confirmed in Our Lady’s and my sister baptised here. She is going to receive her First Holy Communion later this year. Pupils from Our Lady’s Primary School frequently attend services at the church.

Our Lady & The Apostles RC Church
Shaw Heath
0161 480 2489


St Ann’s written by Rose

The parish of St Ann’s is very close to my heart, as since my baptism it has been like a second family. Father Chris McCurry is the priest in our church and the man who baptised me. He has been a priest for almost 50 years and he continues to impress me with his wide range of knowledge in his sermons. Father Chris loves singing and is the lead of our St Ann’s choir. I have been an altar server for five years. The church has a toddler group, a youth group, a confirmation group and a retired persons group, among its many groups, which shows what a vibrant parish it is.

St Ann’s RC Church
Vicarage Ave
Cheadle Hulme
0161 485 1685


St Ambrose written by Fiona

St Ambrose is a community church with Father Geoff O’Grady as parish priest who is a great friend to those in the parish. Father Geoff also serves St Vincent’s in Bramhall. Once a month the parishioners meet for tea and toast after Mass to discuss the Sunday gospel and chat to fellow parishioners. A children’s liturgy group helps to get the children involved with the gospel and helps them explore their faith. St Ambrose Primary students attend mass with school sometimes, helping to build the relationship between school and parish.

St Ambrose Church
Clover Ave
0161 480 3723


St Chad’s written by Deborah

St Chad’s is an elegant and peaceful church in the centre of Cheadle. The church brings the community together with a range of activities from prayer to coffee mornings. It also has many charity fundraising activities including the annual January pantomime. The parish also plays an active part in the diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes and encourages young people to go to Lourdes as volunteers. Father Sean Davidson has played an important role in creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

St Chad’s Church
Stockport Road
0161 428 2480


St Peter’s Hazel Grove written by Georgina

My name is Georgina and I attend 10am Mass at St. Peter’s in Hazel Grove. Our parish priest is Father Peter Sharrocks. St. Peter’s is a very busy parish with lots of things going on for the young people in our parish like me. I attend St. Peter’s Youth (SPY), which is a youth group for high school students and it is held once a month. I meet lots of new people and make friends there, we play games and watch films. We have been bowling and we sometimes lead the music for evening Mass. The SPY group also attend the annual CYMFed Flame Conference at Wembley Arena. We get the train down to London and spend the day with over 10,000 other young people from all over the country. It is an amazing experience.

More recently, the parish has started the Youth Alpha programme for all young people who are thinking about being confirmed. It’s a ten-week programme and we meet on Sunday nights for something to eat, as well as playing games, watching videos and talking about our faith.

St Peter’s Catholic Church
Green Lane
Hazel Grove
0161 483 3476


Christ Church, Heald Green written by Arianne

I am an altar server at Christ Church, and it is a kind, welcoming and generous community. We meet at Mass as well as at parties and celebrations which bring the parish together. There are many activities to be part of, or activities you can volunteer for. Our parish priest is Father Tony McGrath, and you will want to meet our kind, jolly priest who is there to help us and support us in difficult times. Our church is on the main road in Heald Green so you cannot miss us!

Christ Church
Finney Lane
Heald Green
0161 437 5042

“With God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said,
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”

Matthew 19:26