Curriculum Statement


The Mathematics faculty aims to develop and improve numerical competence, abstract thought, spatial awareness and logical reasoning.  We strive to enable pupils to gain enjoyment and confidence in mathematics.  Especially, we aim that every student should be able to use and apply knowledge to solve problems in the areas of number, algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry and handling data.

We provide regular opportunities for students to appreciate the subject’s contribution to everyday life and to the world of work.  Students should also develop an ability to apply mathematics in other subject areas.


The faculty’s curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced equipping pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need for future learning and employment.

Our Year 7 scheme of work initially delivers topics that have not been taught in KS2 to avoid repetition. These topics, along with others are then build upon over KS3.  Our aim is to ensure that by the end of KS3 all students are fully prepared for the GCSE course in KS4.

Year 7 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Understanding algebra

Number and calculator skills


Ratio and Proportion



Fractions, decimals and percentages

Understanding space

Graphs and data

Sequences and graphs

Year 8 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Further number skills

Space and circles

Representing data

Manipulating algebra

Real life graphs


Ratio and proportion

Calculating with fractions


Further angles



Year 9 Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Advanced number skills

Further algebra



Ratio and proportion

Angles and right angled triangles

Probability and Venn diagrams

Linear and real life graphs



Our aim is to ensure that upon leaving, all students are confident, resilient learners who are equipped with subject specific knowledge and skills to assist them in their future learning.  We assure students that wish to pursue mathematics at KS5 are fully prepared for the challenge that entails.  We also make sure they are able to transfer skills outside of the subject to prepare them for the workplace.

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