All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzie

Evie has just inherited £10 million from the birth mother she never knew. She is totally shocked, both by the huge amount and by the fact that her parents never told her who she really was. She feels her whole life has been a lie.

Desperate to discover who she is, Evie ends up at Lightsea – a home for troubled teenagers. Starting to feel a strange presence in this apparently haunted place, she is drawn deeper and deeper into the island’s mysterious happenings.

A pacey, fast moving story for teenagers


The Chocolate Factory Ghost by David O’Connell

Archie surprisingly inherits a lot of money, a house and a chocolate factory from his Great Uncle Archibald. He is delighted! However all is not what it seems. There are strange, suspicious, supernatural and sinister going ons that Archie must solve or the factory will shut down and all that good fortune will be lost in a flash. A magical quest that many younger readers will really enjoy